Develop the collective sense

Inspired by his experience with Les Dissonances, David Grimal develops projects as artistic director with other orchestras and regular ensembles. 

Working without a conductor requires a commitment on the part of each musician. The artistic direction advocated by David Grimal aims to create the right conditions for collective work, to liberate the artistic gesture, and to allow each player to make his/her contribution to the musical project. Each person’s talents are called upon to the utmost. During concerts, energies and sensibilities are transmitted between the musicians and deployed within each section and instrumental group. The work, although it is led by the first violin, is the product of a collaboration between all the players.

As an artistic director, he develops the concept ‘Let’s play together!’ based on his experience with Les Dissonances. David Grimal rehearses the entire concert programme with the musicians in order to prepare them to play without a conductor at the concert. He shares the platform with them also by performing a concerto. He is invited by many orchestras to work with them and play the great violin concertos, notably Budapesti Vonosok, Anima Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonietta Cracovia, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, Orchestra Sinfonica de Murcia, Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa, Orchestre de l’Opéra national de Lorraine, National Orchestra of Metz, Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, Taipei Symphony Orchestra…

« We have to be able to play as one man but this cohesion, this osmosis, must not reduce any individual »

David Grimal